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Street Food Vendors in Thailand Going Green with Zero-Waste Packaging Made from Bamboo

. BANGKOK – To tackle Thailand’s mounting trash problem, Universal Biopack is turning to the country’s plant life to make pakaging that it sells to restaurants and manufacturersrather than plastic. Universal Biopack is using a mixture of bamboo and cassava, crops that are widely found across the country. After growing rapidly in recent decades, Thailand […]

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New Study Highlights the Impact of Chinese Dams on Lower Mekong

. . Dam construction has resulted in widely fluctuating river flow in the Mekong, threatening fish productivity, which is key to the region’s economy. Large dams on the Mekong River in China’s Yunnan Province have considerable impacts on downstream river flows, new research by myself and colleagues at Aalto University in Finland and published recently in […]

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Mekong Projects Must Consider the Impact on Environment

. The Mekong runs through six countries in the region and it is not right that one or two be allowed to make a short-sighted decision on what to do with the river. It still remains unclear about who will really benefit from what Prayut is talking about. China uses the Mekong more than other […]

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Thailand Will Lose More than it Gains by Blowing up Rapids in the Mekong River

. . CHIANG RAI –  A senior researcher for Thailand’s Development Research Institute (TDRI), Saowaruj Rattanakhamfu reports, Thailand stands to lose more than it gains from its decision to join China in blowing up rapids in the Mekong River to ease the passage of large shipping vessels. In an interview with the Bangkok Post Ms.Rattanakhamfu […]

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Thailand’s Military Government Ignoring the Risks on the Mekong River to Appease China

. . CHIANG RAI – The Prayut Chan-o-cha Government made an out-of-the-blue decision that paves the way for the demolition of the Mekong River’s rocky outcrops for the sake of “improved waterway navigation” near Chang Saen, Chiang Rai. Thailand’s Military installed governments backing of China’s blasting plan of the Mekong River inlet in Chiang Rai […]

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Thai Military Government Approves Plan for Blasting Mekong River Rapids in Chiang Rai

. . CHIANG RAI – Ferry captain Chalin Cheableam drives his ferry up the river to the Khon Phee Lhong rapids on the Mekong River in Chiang Rai. He has navigated boats on the Mekong River since he was a teenager and has many stories to tell about the the geography of the river and […]

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China Pushes to Remove Rocky Outcrops from Mekong Near Chiang Saen District

. . CHIANG RAI – The Mekong River, known in China as the Lancang River, runs through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam over a total distance of 4,880km. China is pushing to use the river to ship goods from its southern province of Yunnan to Luang Prabang in Laos, a distance of 890km. […]

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