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Could Babies’ Umbilical Cords Help Heart Patients?

– Instead of discarding the umbilical cord after birth, new research suggests the stem cells it contains could potentially be used to improve the lives of people with heart failure. Stem cell research is being done on an ongoing basis to ascertain which medical conditions could benefit from stem cell therapy. With parental permission, doctors […]

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First Look at Prototypes for Trump’s Border Wall with Mexico

– WASHINGTON – The U.S. government gave the media a first peek Wednesday at construction of prototypes for President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. Crews working on two of the eight prototypes moved dirt, with one of the crews also installing steel reinforcing bars before concrete is poured. Each crew gets only 18.2 square metres […]

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China’s Mekong Plans Threaten Disaster for Countries Downstream

  – CHIANG RAI – Thirty million people depend for a living on the Mekong, the great Asian river that runs through Southeast Asia from its origins in the snowfields of Tibet to its end in the delta region of Vietnam, where it fertilizes one of the world’s richest agricultural areas. It’s the greatest freshwater […]

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Russian Couple Confessed to Murdering and Surving Up Victims as Meat Pies

– MOSCOW – A Russian cannibal couple accused of murdering — then eating — 30 people served up some of their victims in human meat pies. Published reports say Natalia Bakshaeva, 42, and her hungry hubby, Dmitry Baksheev, 35, confessed to murdering, dismembering and eating scores of their victims. Now, the sickening case has taken […]

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Chinese Surveyor Says Mekong Clearance Will Only Destroy ‘a Few Islets’

– .  –CHIANG RAI  – The Chinese firm commissioned to conduct a survey of the Mekong River has insisted only a few islets and reefs in international waters will be blasted so large cargo ships can navigate their way through in the dry season. Ling Leehua, president of CCCC Second Harbour Consultants Co Ltd, which […]

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Cambodian Court Sentences Briton Toby James Nelhams for Fraud

– PHNOM PENH – A Cambodian court on Thursday sentenced a British man suspected of involvement in the gangland-style slaying of another Briton in Pattaya to eight months in prison for fraud. Toby James Nelhams was one of three men sought by Thai police in the Jan 24 shooting death of Tony Kenway as he […]

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How Cambodia’s Teflon Leader Made A Career Of Blaming America

– PHENOM PENH – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, an institution at the helm of the small impoverished Southeast Asian country, faces a slow erosion of support. Opposition parties are building a stronger base ahead of general elections next year. But the man in power since 1985 isn’t having any of that. Figures in non-ruling […]

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Learning Thai with Jen