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Jen’s English Tip – How to Use the Phrasal Verb Dress up

DRESS UP . If you enjoy wearing something nice for a special occasion, you probably enjoy dressing up. Do you know how to use the phrasal verb ‘dress up’? To ‘dress up’ can mean to wear your best clothes for a special occasion. It’s a good idea to dress up for the dinner so you […]

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Thai Prime Minister Tells Farmers Government Trying to Solve Problem of Dropping Rice Prices

. . BANGKOK – Thailand’s Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha has told rice farmers the government would try its best to ensure that rice farmers get an average of 10,000 baht for a tonne of paddy they sell, but, at the same time, he begged for understanding and that the government had to take care […]

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Thai Man Who Attack and Sexually Assaulted of 23 Year-Old American Hannah Gavios, Sentenced to 5 Years

. . KRABI – The Thai man who brutally assaulted American backpacker, Hannah Gavios after she fell 150ft down a cliff has been jailed for five years – to the anger of her parents. 28 year-old Apai Ruengvorn was sentenced to ten years but that was halved after he pleaded guilty to obscene behavior and […]

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Thailand’s Junta offers up 35.8 Billion Baht in Loans for Struggling Farmers

. . BANGKOK – Thailand’s rice management committee said on Monday it will offer loans worth $1 billion to jasmine rice farmers struggling with falling prices, on a condition that they store the grain for six months to slow down market supply. The new rice harvest season is currently underway in Thailand, the world’s second-biggest […]

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Overstay Guesthouse Raided in Bangkok, 11 Foreigners Arrested on Drug Related Charges

. . BANGKOK – The Proprietor of Bangkok’s Overstay Guesthouse Yuval Schwok has been arrested after a 100 members of mixed Thai Soldiers, DEA, Tourist Police, Regular Police, fully kitted out Squat forces, armed with guns and assault rifles, dogs, cameras, following noise complaints and smoke emanating from the building. Drug tests were conducted on […]

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U.S. Presidential Election is Far from a Blowout

. . WASHINGTON DC – Two weeks out from Election Day and it looks like the race for the White House is all but over.  However, if it looks like pollsters are increasingly on the wrong side of history (Colombia’s referendum, Brexit, the 2015 British election and the Scottish referendum) it could be because they […]

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Preservation Experts Open Jesus Christs Tomb in Jerusalem

      JERUSALEM – Preservation experts have opened for the first time in at least two centuries what Christians believe is Jesus’s tomb inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Some of the historic work was witnessed by AFP photographer Gali Tibbon who captured images of the site believed to contain the […]

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