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Jen’s English Tips – Another vs Other

  ANOTHER + singular countable noun One more, in addition, an alternative one, a different one. May I have another piece of cake it was delicious. (I want one more) May I have another piece of cake this one is hard. (I want a different piece) I know I have already had too many beers […]

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Chiang Rai Residents Warned of Flash Floods Due to Heavy Rains

  CHIANG RAI – The Meteorological Department has issued warnings for people in Chiang Rai and other Northern Provinces to remain on alert for flash floods, as heavy rain continues in these regions. According to meteorologists, the monsoon trough is now moving its way across Myanmar and Laos, bringing heavy rain to the upper regions […]

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Mae Sai Border Packed with Shoppers on Asanha Puja Holiday

  CHIANG RAI – The Mae Sai – Tachilek border point in Mae Sai District has been packed with vehicles, shoppers and tourists crossing the border to Myanmar. The border market is always a popular destination for visitors looking for affordable products imported from nearby countries. The Asanha Puja and Buddhist Lent holiday has stimulated […]

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Thailand’s Baht Drops 4.2% to It’s Lowest Since 2001

  BANGKOK – Thailand’s baht dropped this month by the most in more than 14 years after the government cut forecasts for growth and exports, spurring outflows from Thai equities as the US prepares to raise interest rates. The currency fell 4.2% to 35.245 baht a dollar as of 4.15pm, the sharpest monthly loss since […]

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Inquiry into Alexander Litvinenko’s Poisoning Death Points Finger at Russian President Vladimir Putin

. LONDON – The inquiry into the former spy’s death has heard that Russian President Vladimir Putin “personally ordered” the killing of Alexander Litvinenko. Ben Emmerson the lawyer for the widow of Alexander Litvinenko insisted on Friday that the former KGB agent was murdered at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and said Russian […]

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Jen’s English Tip’s – Also / Too / Either

The following is a mini-tutorial on the use of the words “also,” “too” and “either.” Also “Also” is used in positive sentences to add an agreeing thought. Examples: • Jane speaks French. Sam also speaks French. • I love chocolate. I also love pizza. • Frank can come with us. Nancy can also come with […]

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Mekong Authorities Step up Inspections in Search for Drugs

. CHIANG RAI – Authorities in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and China in the upper Mekong River Region will be tighten up goods inspections on vessels traveling to major ports in a bid to crack down on trans-border drug trafficking. Authorities will hunt for drug runners, who are rampant in the northern Mekong River Region, by […]

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