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Thailand Military Appointed Parliament Votes to Ban Commercial Surrogacy

  BANGKOK – Thailand’s Military Appointed parliament has voted to ban commercial surrogacy after outrage erupted over the unregulated industry following a series scandals including the case of an Australian couple accused of abandoning a baby with Down syndrome. A draft bill, which would see those caught profiting from surrogacy punished with up to ten […]

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Thailand’s Economic Revival is Greatly Exaggerated

  BANGKOK – Thailand may still be one of the best place in South East Asia to Visit, even after its military coup last spring. But tentative signs of an economic rebound hardly resolve the deep structural problems that continue to afflict its politics, economy and society. The World Bank believes the country will remain […]

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Children’s Rights Violated In Thai Media, According to Chulalongkorn University Study

  BANGKOK – A study conducted by Chulalongkorn University shows Children’s rights continue to be regularly violated in Thai newspapers and television news coverage, according to a media study supported by United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) Thailand released today. The study, “How major Thai print and electronic media present news about children”, conducted by Chulalongkorn […]

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Briton Neil Hartley Recalls His Living Hell in a Thai Jail

  PATTAYA – Neil Hartley a British National who was held in a Thai prison for three years, after admitting offenses linked to a pharmaceuticals website selling Viagra and steroids, Neil Hartley, 61, was arrested in November 2011 at a beer bar complex in central Pattaya. He claims a Thai lawyer told him if he […]

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Northern Thai Provinces Warned to Ready for Cold Weather

  CHIANG RAI – Thailand’s Ministry of Interior Gen Anupong Paochinda has ordered Chiang Rai’s Provincial Governor and other Northern and Northeastern Governor’s to prepare for the coming winter weather and warn residents to prepare for the cold months ahead. Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paochinda said that many areas across Thailand are seeing lower temperatures due […]

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Art Exhibition “Timeless Harmony” at ArtBridge Chiang Rai

  CHIANG RAI – A Father and Daughter Art Exhibition “Timeless Harmony” is being held at ArtBrige November 29, 2014 – January 15, 2015. This extraordinary exhibition presents the work of Joseph Zirker, a renowned American artist, and his daughter, Lisa Moses, a resident of Chiang Rai Joseph Zirker NA, is the inventor of the […]

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Prayuth Tells Universities to Curb Student’s Anti-Coup Protests

  CHIANG RAI – Due to a surge of anti-coup protests organized by students in the past week, Thailand’s military government has instructed state universities across the country to prevent any further “inappropriate political expression” on their campuses. Sutthasri Wongsaman, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Education, said the measure was adopted after a meeting […]

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