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Thai Jack Ass Pranksters “Rock Mode” Arrested for Nude Motorcycle Stunt

  CHIANG MAI – There’s a new gang in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s major northern city, and they’re causing quite a ruckus about town. The Rock Mode Gang created a stir in the past week with their nude videos and stunts, but what appears to be a group of friends’ light-hearted fun could land them in […]

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Italian Journalist’s Family Fears his Army Killers will be Pardoned

  BANGKOK – A Bangkok criminal court investigating Italian freelance journalist Fabio Polenghi’s death during clashes between security forces and “Red Shirt” demonstrators in Bangkok on 19 May 2010 ruled yesterday that a soldier fired the bullet that caused his death. After talking to Polenghi’s sister, Elisabetta Polenghi, Reporters Without Borders urges the authorities not […]

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German Jewel Thief Carlo Konstantin Kohl Captured and Awaiting Extradition

    BANGKOK – German jewel thief Carlo Konstantin Kohl , who managed to flee his Australian guards while transiting through Bangkok, has been arrested in the Thai capital after two weeks on the run, police say. Carlo Konstantin Kohl, 25, was being extradited to Germany via Thailand when bad weather forced an extended stopover […]

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Myanmars Low Wages Threatens Thailand’s Hold on Japanese Investors

  MYANMAR – Japan’s industrial investors stayed with Thailand through the army coups, the Bangkok-paralyzing massed Red-Shirt protests, and the mismanaged floods of 2011 that swamped so many Japanese-owned factories. But a huge labor force in Myanmar ready to work for one-sixth of a Thai wage could be a turning point. The visit to Myanmar […]

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Thailand Withers as Myanmar Progresses

  BANGKOK – Last Thursday while Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at his residence and urging Japan to invest in the mega-project in Dawei, there were news headlines in Myanmar that Abe would be visiting Yangon the next day ― offering loads of financial assistance and long-term […]

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Libyan Esam Ali Elhamadi Shot and Killed in Bangkok Pub Brawl

BANGKOK – A Libyan National  Esam Ali Elhamadi has been shot dead and two Thai bystanders were wounded during a brawl at a pub in Bangkok, police said on Tuesday. Pol Lt Col Opas Kwansomkid, an investigative officer at Pathumwan police station, said the victims were taken to Hua Chiew hospital. Esam Ali Elhamadi, 33, […]

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Former NASA Official Found Dead in Tak Province With Rope Tied Around His Genitals

  TAK – Paul Milford Muller, a retired NASA official who served on the Apollo Navigation Team, was found dead in a house in Tak Province, Thailand, police said. He was found with a rope tied around his genitals and waist, and another rope around his neck, hanging from a bedroom doorknob. Crystal methamphetamine and […]

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