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Man Decapitated and Burned in South of Thailand

  Chiangrai Times – Police said Tuandaoh Tuansulong, 58, was driving his pickup from his home in Bannang Sata district early in the morning to Yala Hospital, where he was to receive dialysis treatment. While he was driving on Talingchan-Sri Sakhon Road, he was ambushed by an unknown number of insurgents who shot him dead. […]

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Can Thailand Withstand Floods this Year?

  Chiangrai Times – A year ago, central Thailand was inundated with what may have been the worst floods in the country’s history, covering the Ayutthaya plain with up to three meters of water and drowning a major segment of the multinational car and electronics industries that had settled there. The question today is whether […]

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Expat Stephen Phillips Gunned Down While Riding Home on Scooter

  Chiangrai Times – A murder investigation is under way after a man believed to be from Manchester was shot dead in Thailand. Stephen Phillips was on a motorcycle near the city of Khon Kaen when he was shot and killed. Friends in Thailand said Mr Phillips, who was in his late 50s, was a […]

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Thailand Captures Mass-Massage Guinness Book World Record

  Chiangrai Times – Thailand has long been known as the massage capital of the world. Now, it has a Guinness World Record to prove it. A record-breaking 641 massage therapists mass-massaged 641 people simultaneously for 12 minutes to win the honour Thursday at an indoor exhibition hall in Bangkok. The event was organized by […]

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Huge Drug Bust in Mae Suay District ChiangRai

  Chiangrai Times – ChiangRai Royal Thai Police have captured 4 suspected traffickers and seized more than one million methamphetamine pills, or yaba, and 50 kilograms of ya ice, or crystal methamphetamine. ChiangRai Police General Priewpan Damapong said police surrounded three pick-ups around 11pm that they had followed to a hospital parking lot in Mae Suay […]

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Muay Thai Boxing Gains Life as Fitness Regime

  Chiangrai Times – Thailand’s ancient martial art of Muay Thai is being reborn – as a fitness regime. Known as the country’s national sport and said to be 2,000 years old, Muay Thai has seen a surge in popularity over the last five or so years, with gyms promptly taking advantage with state-of-the-art facilities […]

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Proposed Dam Threatens Thailand’s Tigers

  Chiangrai Times – A proposed dam that would flood part of a national park in western Thailand represents a “significant new threat” to the kingdom’s tigers, wildlife group WWF warned on Wednesday. It said the success of conservation efforts in the area near the border with Myanmar — highlighted by new video footage of […]

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