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Groupon Launches in Thailand

  CHIANGRAI TIMES – Groupon  the pioneer and global market leader in local commerce; today announced the launch of Groupon Thailand. Through www.mygroupon.co.th, customers in Thailand can easily discover and take part in the best experiences, including the best stuff to do, eat, see and buy. Initially launching in Bangkok, the company plans to expand […]

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Thai ‘Hitler Chic’ Trend Riles Tourists

  CHIANGRAI TIMES – Cartoon pandas, Teletubbies, Ronald McDonald. At first glance they don’t seem to have much in common beyond a certain childlike quality. But during a visit to Bangkok you may discover another trait these popular cultural icons now share: their resemblance to Adolf Hitler. In the Thai capital’s latest outbreak of Nazi […]

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Two Baby Elephants Seized by Parks Officers

  CHIANGRAI TIMES – Two baby elephants seized in Phuket today will be sent to an elephant reserve in the Northern Thailand province of Lampang. The transfer of the two baby male elephants – Popeye and Joey – follows officials from Bangkok arriving in Phuket earlier this month to investigate the origins of three baby […]

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Eco Bike Tour to Promote Cycling Tours in Chiang Rai

  CHIANGRAI TIMES – Tourism Authority of Thailand partnered with the Chiang Rai Bike Association  to embark on an eco-bike tour experiment, 25 February, that will explore roads and tourist facilities in neighboring Laos and China over the coming week. Eco Bike Tour: Thailand Gateway to Mekong Sub-Region 2012 runs to 3 March to promote cycling tours through […]

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Dangerous Haze in 6 provinces including Chiangrai

  CHIANGRAI TIMES –  Chiang Rai has been declared a haze disaster zone, and a state of environmental emergency may be declared there and in neighbouring northern provinces in the next few days. Sixteen districts and two sub-districts of Chiang Rai have been blanketed by thick smoke from bush fires and slash-and-burn farming practices among […]

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His Majesty the King Expresses his Concern about Deforestation

  CHIANGRAI TIMES – His Majesty the King has expressed his concern about deforestation and the resultant flooding in Thailand and has urged the government to take severe action against those responsible. The King stressed the need for the government to plant more trees and to take harsh punitive steps against “greedy” civil servants who […]

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Thai Vintage Music Goes Global

  CHIANGRAI TIMES – It started as a humble DJ session in a Bangkok bar. A few years later, it has traveled to Japan and Europe, spawned two CD compilations on international labels, and transformed into a biannual showcase starring some of Thailand’s most important musicians. Welcome to Paradise Bangkok, a live-music and DJ night […]

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